When I started what I thought was the final draft of my book, from a Friend, in 2017 in the Mojave desert, I thought I’d be finished in 2018. However, after driving back with the travel trailer through every western & mid-western state with no less than 60+ MPH crosswinds, I had to sleep.

The good news? It rained for the first three months after getting home. The bad news? When it stopped raining, I literally faced vermin (venomous snakes), pestilence (invading ants), flooding (river) and other such things which took over most of the rest of that year. So, decided I needed to create my “Laughin’ Place” where I could watch the world go by and relax for a hot minute or two!

MY Laughin’ Place

In 2019, I decided I needed another year off as my brain was still fried from the intensity of 2017 & 2018. So, I traveled around north Georgia and looked for the best BBQ eatin’ places and festivals. I was convinced that 2019 would be the year I could focus on edits, re-writes and filing for my copyright in anticipation of a 2020 publication.

Well, heck. COVID had other plans. It hit 2020 and us all in the gut. The good news about 2020? I was rested up, in isolation and ready to work on the last edits/re-writes. I became even more “driven” to have the First Edition Published in early 2021 in light of all the news of suicides from COVID isolation and depression.

During breaks between edits and re-writes, I investigated my publishing options. It turned out that most publishers want you give your blood and most your rights and take royalties without any help in marketing your book. That’s all up to you! In fact, as this year has progressed, I’ve heard tell of some publishers which have even dropped books because they didn’t like the content or parts of it or some such.

I decided to go with Self-publication with a local printer, anxious to leave my money at home where it counted. Unfortunately, their graphic designer was not able to work on my book for personal reasons, so, yet again, I was “pushed” to learn how to find my “third eye” to complete edits as well how to create the graphic design for it. Good thing I can work from both left and right sides of my brain when pressed!

I kinda this book think it turned out as a great read. It’s not a Pat Conroy (my hero), but it’s my truth which builds and grows from the first page to the last, fraught with tragedy, yet full of unconditional love, faith, healing and finding blessings in it all.

Those who have given me feedback have said, “I have been glued to the book! My heart hurts and sings at the same time.” “I enjoyed the book so much. I couldn’t put it down….read it from cover to cover at one time!” “I read it twice.” and, “I’m on page 90 and I feel like you’ve already lived 100 lives!”

FRONT COVER, from a Friend, written by me, and includes my children’s own stories of Carl (Warrior) and Ava (Songbird), as told and transcribed by me while in the desert in 2017.
PROLOGUE – from a Friend
BACK COVER – from a Friend

A Limited First Edition of my book, from a Friend, was issued as a fundraising event for the benefit of my non-profit, IRS sanctioned 501(c)3, called Ava’s Corner, Inc. with the affiliated website called avascorner.org.

All funds for this first edition go directly into the Ava’s Corner, Inc. account for website expenses. You may donate directly through VENMO on our website’s Home Page (geared for desktop) of a minimum of $25.00, or send a check in that amount payable to Ava’s Corner, Inc. and mailed to address on website. Upon receipt of your funds, I will mail your personalized, signed copy to you right away. You can email me via the address on the Home page as well with questions or comments.

Hope to hear from you soon, and, as always, HAPPY TRAILS…UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!