As a retired commercial real estate title underwriter and single mother of two who’d worked 45 years to support my family in a field not of my nature, I decided I needed to start living for myself now that my youngest was now living out-of- state.  So, this  SWBBF who loves to write and travel decided 70 ain’t 60 and that I’d better get started.  And, as I’d raised my kids alone, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t mind  traveling without somebody else’s input. And, guess what.  My Crazy Lil’ White Dawg (aka Montana) wakes up happy every day and keeps my feet warm at every night! No! I  don’t mind doing it alone. 

For, my first Great Adventures in 2009, I camped  my way west via I-40 from the northeast mountains of Georgia.  I was simply equipped with a tent, my CR-V and two dogs (Doobie age 13 and Montana age 2).  I stayed in northeast Oklahoma for a week, then over to Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and back… 7000 miles . But, before I ever left home, I did a great deal of research concerning pets, tents, weather, safety, routes and state parks in the regions where I wanted to explore.  When I arrived at the state park, I introduced myself as well as my pets to the Rangers. I requested a busy, well-lighted area with a bathroom close-by with motor home hook-ups (water and electricity).  I drove to the designated site to stake my claim and promptly set up the tent in the middle of all the $300,000 motor homes! I walked my dogs around the area and introduced us along the way.  Everyone was so very friendly.

I had so much fun that I decided to get more serious about my next adventure. But it wasn’t until after Doobie passed away that I found myself sadly liberated from his limitations such that I could think more seriously about getting a different vehicle and camper in order to avoid the weather pitfalls of 2009 like early snow and rain. As the “camping gods” would have it, I found the perfect pop-up camper and a pick-up truck just two weeks before lift off.  I was now ready to go on my second excursion west.

In 2010,  I took I-20 West because the main rule is to camp places you’ve never seen. And, again, when I camped, I plopped myself right in the middle of all those expensive  motor homes. It really looked funny but I had a lot more freedom than the RV’s  not to mention my gas mileage was better. After all, I seem to rack up about 7000 a year having these great adventures and my limited SS benefits keep me frugal. 

 This year, as you can see from today’s blog, I drove straight out to Boulder, CO to start my journey by visiting relatives. I kick off southern Wyoming back roads tomorrow. Come join me! I promise it won’t be boring!

(By the way, SWBBF is Single White Baby Boomer Female)

2009 tent

Oklahoma 2009Sunset the first night - 2009