There was a decade in my past when I camped/hotel-ed my way, alone, over 150,000 miles across the back roads of US and lower Canada. It was what had called my soul to do since I was a young woman. On those journeys, I met so many wonderful people and fell in love with places to which I’d return every single time I traveled westward. Those places still reside within my soul and always will.

Lately, I’ve been busy writing my book, creating large yard art, working on my inner growth, loving my Chirren (adults blessed into my life by my daughter before and after her passing) and helping them in prayer and Mom support. I’ve also been settling into doling many of my home maintenance, repairs, and projects which I’ve always wanted to do.

My book, from a FRIEND, came in bits and pieces over the last 35 years after I was given the “message” that I was to write it. In 2017, I was “told” to go to the desert to finish it, so I did, reluctantly. I don’t like the desert but, there, I found it to be perfect because there were NO shiny objects to distract me!

The next couple of years were spent in writing, editing, learning graphic design, perils of publishing with the big boys which take all your rights away, then back to more editing and, finally, self-publishing to raise much-needed funds for Ava’s Corner, Inc.

The result of all this arduous work resulted in a 262 page book of fearless honesty complete with color photos in a slow build in the hope that readers would see how I overcame unthinkable situations and tragedies through hard work, therapy and HIS blessings as explained in Chapter 20 entitled, “Hindsight is 20-20, but Knowledge is Power!.”

As to Ava;s Corner, Inc., it’s the non-profit (501[c]3) mental health information website ( which provides one-stop-shopping for finding places to start your search for answers found in nationally recognized websites.

ALL funds from the sale of my book go directly to this non-profit to pay website expenses…no salaries. Those interested in donating to Ava’s Corner can go to our Home page and find several ways to make your donation of a minimum of $25.00 to receive your personalized copy of it from me.

Below are pictures not found in the book of “Warrior” (my son, Carl), “Songbird” (my daughter first named Jennifer and, later, Ava) and me.

For those of you who I met along the way and have continued to support me, I thank you!

Pictures of Carl and Jennifer (later Ava) below.

Sleeping Jennifer (“Songbird” in book and later in life known as Ava)

Carl (“Warrior” in book) and Jennifer (“Songbird” in book and, later, Ava)
Drawing of “John Doe” found to be my son, Carl, after he disappeared in 1984
Ava’s last head shot (formerly named Jennifer and “Songbird in book)