This telling didn’t start yesterday. It began in my yesteryears of writing letters, memoirs and blogs. In October 1987, I received in the early morning dream state the first chapters which began the 35 year journey of writing this book. However, it was a 1995 prediction of it by my daughter’s friend which reinforced the decades of moving toward its publication. It has taken, literally, three decades and as many lives in the making of this book.

Since I returned home from the Mojave Desert in southern Arizona in early 2018, I’ve been editing and tightening up this book to make it what I was “told” to write several times over those decades. I was told “there is no shame in telling the truth,” so, I’ve done that (with limitation, out of respect for others), but with no shame in my own telling, “Mother’s Words,” as did both my son, Carl, and daughter, Ava. They both participated in “telling” their own stories entitled “Warrior’s Words” and “Songbird’s Words” visa vie their dictation of them to me for my transcription.

Mother’s Words” is the story of my personal journey beginning in Deep South roots of then Northwest Atlanta, Georgia’s farmlands where my family all pitched in to build our home, raise the food we needed (vegetables and beef) to sustain us in those post WW II years where building materials were tight and so was money. We helped to forage for materials and we provide the labor needed on our small farm which tested our mettle.

Me on the “Green Dragon!” around four years old

It’ is also of my finding myself alone, pregnant and on the streets of downtown Atlanta at the ripe old age of seventeen, newly graduated from high school, engaged and struggling to survive with the help of some mid-1960’s hippies living in mid-town with whom I’d recently become acquainted. Thank God they took me in and my best friend from high school fed me my only meal…my lunch every day I was pregnant.

I found myself to be a single mom at age eighteen but was taken back into the fold after Carl was born. Ten years later, I married another man who posed himself to not be his true self and became a single mom of two very intelligent and challenging children. I unabashedly tell of my challenges raising them and of how it challenged me to the brink, a few times, but found my way back.

Any of you who were blessed to have known both of my children have witnessed that they were quite dynamic and challenging people on both planes, earthly and on the Other Side. Therefore, I find it important to state that their individual portions of this telling, WARRIOR’S WORDS and SONGBIRD’S WORDS, were transcribed by me as their vessel.

Carl was born a with a Warrior‘s Spirit
Ava was born with a Songbird‘s Spirit

I now have acquired my Copyright Certificate and am the final stages of finalizing the book for publication on a popular website. When I’ve submitted it there, I’ll let you know. I’m also working on orchestrating my audio version of the book which I will also have to Copyright (separately) and will keep you all posted on that progress as well.

This past couple of years has tested us all on several levels. For me, I focused on my health, home repairs and this book. Now that all is well for the most part, I’m excited to get the audio version ready.

HAPPY TRAILS…until we meet again!

(Copyrights to these photos & parts of this blog have been obtained.)