This year I’ve been grousing about all the warm weather we’ve been having in my hood. We’ve had way too much spring-like weather for months for it to even be categorized as “winter.”

My point of moving north of my Atlanta hometown twenty years ago was to be where I could enjoy having four seasons again but the climate has been a’ changin’ no matter what the cause…deforestation…too much forestation…too much coal…too little of it…blah, blah, blah. Gotta say that Mothers Earth and Nature have a way of handling all things like this in ways we still don’t understand. After all, in the bigger picture of these matters, we’re still infants relative to their ages and experience levels.

Also, I believe in the power of prayer and I’ve been praying way too hard for snow to happen right in my front yard and kissing the belly of the little snowman I have hanging on my front door just to make sure the Big Man Upstairs will know exactly where I want it to snow…and it WORKED!

And as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words and, as you’ll see by these pictures, I’m totally mesmerized by snow on trees especially when those trees are in walking distance in 4 inches or better of snow!

These may look like the same trees and some of them are but at different times during the snowfall or perspective with me hiking in the snow to get better pictures!! The snow was PERFECT for a snowball fight! Crunched with every step!

2020-02-08 Snow-4 Tree

Facing the river…

2020-02-08 Snow-6 Tree

Facing the driveway

2020-02-08 Snow-7 Tree

The Dogwood trees


2020-02-08 Snow-10 TreeRv

More hemlocks and such on the river

2020-02-08 Snow-11 Tree

My favorite…and…


2020-02-08 Snow-1 Tree

And my other favorite!

I truly believe that it’s staying in touch with one’s inner child is what will keep us young! I certainly do get all giggly and excited when it snows in my hood more than all the other places I’ve been and seen in my decade of back road travels (150,000 miles and counting). Find what makes you giggly & excited and hold onto it as if your life depends on it as it might just be the thing that heals your soul!

Speaking of healing, my book is with the editors and I should have it back by the end of this month, printed in April and on Georgia roads for book signings in May!

Teaser: Here’s the first draft my from a Friend, the Book, business cards. They’ll look a great deal better when the pros get a’ hold of them, for sure!


2020-02-06 FmAFriend Bs card-1 front

from a Friend, the Book –  Bs Card Front

Happy Trails…until we meet again!