Franklin, North Carolina is just a little over thirty minutes away from where I live so I  decided to explore it a little more this past few months and found some gems!

And, although my focus has been on North Georgia BBQ these past months, I couldn’t resist writing about this neat little place I found hidden in an older shopping center behind the Lowes Store called FAT BUDDIES RIBS AND BBQ! I didn’t have my phone so I don’t have any pictures for this part of my post but I encourage you to check out their website at to see what they have waiting for you! I had their Lunch Platter of sliced BBQ Pork and Chicken with Cole Slaw and Potato Salad and I’ve just gotta say it was so juicy and good!

Take the time to find these guys! You’ll be happy you did!

As I needed to walk off some of that lunch, I drove down Highlands Road (toward Highlands…not towards Franklin) a couple of miles to find the Whistle Stop Depot in Franklin, NC. Check out their website at:

When I drove up, I was greeted by different kinds of vintage and antique vehicles, farm equipment and other really cool and inviting items.

2019-04-23 WhistleStop-1


2019-04-23 WhistleStop-1a

As I entered their antique mall, I gotta say I was quite impressed with all the vintage and antique items of every shape, color, size and category available that any shopper could ever dream of finding! The ladies at the entrance behind the counter are pleasant and eager to help you find whatever your heart desires!

2019-04-23 WhistleStop-22019-04-23 WhistleStop-32019-04-23 WhistleStop-4_

But I was really focused on finding my friend’s booth called “Mountain Laurel Makings” just past the main entrance in the front/center. It’s smaller than most of the other booths but has so many wonderfully exciting items to explore from vintage jewelry to current styles, a magnificent Peacock fabric Chair, paintings and more!

Please take the time to look at each of her display cases. I’m still dreaming of those gorgeous Glass Green vases on the top shelf in the case on the end! Well, yeah, those and the Peacock chair.

2019-04-23 WhistleStop MtnLaurel-1

Exquisite Peacock Fabric Chair!

2019-04-23 WhistleStop MtnLaurel-2

Paintings and jewelry

2019-04-23 WhistleStop MtnLaurel-3

Green glass vases on top shelf…a must see!

I’m so glad I took the time to check out my other neighborhood because not only did I get to eat some great BBQ, find all sorts of cool things to drool over but met a really nice woman who is known at Whistle Stop Depot and at the Rabun Gap, Ga. Outdoor Flea Market as the Dip Lady or, as her card says, “Dip Mix Chick!” Tonita creates her own fresh herb mixes for you to add to your favorite base!

HAPPY TRAILS…until we meet again!