I’m just sayin’ when you find what you really can’t stay away from and are willing to drive across the state for two and a half hours to get it, ya’ might just be on to somthin’!

Yup! Happened to me and I’m not ashamed to yell out FIRE IT UP because I will be back again!

2019-03-12 FireItUpBBQ-1

2019-4-17 FireItUp wJenni-2

Seein’ as how I’ve been known to drive 10,000 miles dreaming of the best steak I’ve ever eaten since I was a kid, so this lil junket was nuttin’! Well, on that steak trip, I have to admit there was a pork belly bacon burger involved as well as my daughter-by-another-mother, Jenni, can attest to. And, I kinda’ think we’ll both be road trippin’ it drive back to Montana to taste those again sooner than later! (It’s all on my blog from 2017)

But I digress.

And, as Jenni was with me on that trip and here from VegasBaby for a visit, I just HAD to take her to experience FIRE IT UP!

They have the BEST BRISKET on the planet! So juicy that it MELTS like buttah, honey. My mistake wasn’t taking a bite of Jenni’s”brisket until I was full on ribs but, don’t you worry, I’ll get some of that to go next time! And their pork skins? Get out! Best EVER! Brunswick stew done right! And more of it ALL will be riding home with me next time!

2019-4-17 FireItUp wJenni-4

Brunswick Stew, Collard Greens, Brisket and Ribs! YUM!

While I got my usual of awesome Ribs, outstanding Baked beans, killer Collard Greens! Everything is FRESH and done the way it’s supposed to be.

2019-04-17 FireItUp-5


We were never rushed and were treated with the Southern style of eating most places miss by a mile. I sure wish they’d open up a place in Clayton, Georgia now that Clayton wants to be thought of as a “Foodie” City! This would sure put us on the map if these folks did come up here! HINT! HINT!

Anyway, Jenni, being a professional musician visiting from VegasBaby and all, that gurl  just about went crazy when one of the musicians for the entertainment that night showed up with an instrument she’d never seen nor heard of before. It took her seconds to leave the food behind to find out what this contraption was all about. It kinda’ surprised me seein’ as how she being a Kentucky gurl that she ain’t never heard tell of a base tub fiddle!

I had so much fun watching her learn all about how it worked and then taking lessons on the spot! She played the melody her teacher taught her in just a few minutes!

2019-04-17 FireItUp wJenni-6b2019-04-17 FireItUp wJenni-6a2019-4-17 FireItUp wJenni-6c

Yeah. I think you need to FIRE IT UP and get over to FIRE IT UP! Check them out at: http://www.fireitupbbq.com

Happy Trails…until we meet again!