I absolutely LOVE where I live. It’s quiet…except on major holidays.The residents here are respectful, kind, generous, flag waving, patriotic and the core of the earth kinda folks. They also love their rodeos! So, after being slammed to the floor with horrible neck pain for the last three weeks and just had some miraculous healing on Friday, I decided it was high time to get out and join my neighbors in some fun last night. What better way to do that than go to the local Bull Riding Championship Rodeo? Yeehaw and Giddy up!

I do love watching all the preliminary warm ups and preps…and the views.

2019-5-25 Rodeo-1

Rabun County, GA Arena

2019-5-25 Rodeo-2

Bulls and Cowboy getting ready for what comes next!

2019-5-25 Rodeo-3

Love to watch this man work his horse, Colt-45!

Now, I don’t pretend to understand why any young, good lookin’ kid would ever want to jump on the back of a 2000 pound raging bull to be thrown off in three seconds or less and get stomped on by same raging bull, but these youngins sure love them some type of adventure and excitement!

2019-5-25 Rodeo-4

First Bull Rider

2019-5-25 Rodeo-5

All of the Bull Riders ready to give us a show!

Opening ceremonies are all about the USA flag, country, Pledge of Allegiance, hats over hearts and being grateful.

2019-5-25 Rodeo-6

Opening ceremony!

2019-5-25 Rodeo-7

Colt-45 ready to roll! He gets all the bulls back into the pens!

I do enjoy watching but not witnessing them getting hurt or trampled…which happened in the opening gate. First young man out got hurt…ambulance hurt. However, everyone else faired quite well even if thrown immediately off. They had some seasoned riders which made the grade but, eventually, I was so excited, I forgot to take pictures!

2019-5-25 Rodeo-8

Hits the dust!

2019-5-25 Rodeo-9

Yeehaw! Ride that bull!

I’m just sayin’ those Rodeo Clowns are worth their weight in gold!

2019-5-25 Rodeo-10

Those clowns work to keep the Bull Riders safe!

I met some wonderful people last night! Next time the rodeo comes to town, come on out to play! You might just have a laugh or two and meet some great peeps!

HAPPY TRAILS…until we meet again!