Crazy Lil' White Dawg

Colorado or bust!


Guess it’s a Baby Boomer thang wanting to go out west in search of new  tomorrows. And, after all, it’s a natural wonder lust for me as I’m a Baby Boomer  who did some blooming of her own by starting a family at the ripe old age of 18.  Now, it’s MY turn and, I don’t mind sayin’ that I feel like Tawanda! Not only do I  have wisdom (thanks kids), money (thanks Social Security), equipment (thanks  credit line) but I’ve also got time on my side and freedom to go where I haven’t  been before! That’s the only rule… go where you’ve never gone before.

So, it’s true. I’m a SWBBF heading west… Single, White, Baby Boomer, Female  and proud of it! I’m also proud that my father and his mother were the kind of  gutsy adventurers who have inspired me to push outside my own comfort zones.  Yep. I’m just gutsy enough to head out with only my crazy lil’ white dawg  camping my way across this beautiful country of ours. This is my third Great  Adventure in as many years. Some women of my age have said that I was an  inspiration to them. That’s really nice but I’m just doing what’s programmed in my  DNAjust like hunting is at the very core of my bird dog. It’s also as natural as  breathing because it’s been a part of my life long dream. And, finally, I’m living  the dream.

I plan driving like a crazed trucker just to get to US territory that remotely looks western, a quick stop over inBoulder,COto see family and off toCheyenne, etc.

Come along for the ride! I promise it’ll be anything but boring!