Pre-Great Adventure 2011

“Silver” is frothing at the mouth, straining at his bridle wanting to  hit the open road again & to top his experience from last year’s  journey on the southern route to Vegas-Baby.

This year, Silver, Montana and I are taking a northern route to Vegas-Baby via Boulder, Colorado with an  extended stay in  southern cities of Wyoming like Cheyenne, Laramie, Rock Springs and cool, out of the way places with great western flavors  of all types. This year’s Great Adventure will be mo’ bigger and mo’  better than previous trips as we ramble 7000+ miles just to get to  Vegas-Baby.

We’re packing what I call the “trucker’s drive-like-hell” food stuffs  of Mountain Dew and Slim Jim’s with a side of cheese to keep us  moving until we get to Boulder. I know. I’m supposed to stop along  the way, but we really want to get where the getting’ is good… Wyoming. So, it’s the high roads towardBoulderfor us. We’ll visit  my niece and her family before getting our hands dirty  in  Wyoming.  Now THAT’S where the fun really begins. Oh yes !Wyoming… cowboys, horses, Indians, adventure… all the things  this Wild Woman loves when Road Ramblin’!

At least  I’ve started formulating the Wyoming adventure by trying  to narrow down the options. So far, I’ve come up with some  headers with the help of a new acquaintance who has  traveled Wyoming extensively. I hear tell that Cody has 7 museums that are a “can’t miss”; that Chugwater has amazing chili;  that west of Laramie is Wind Canyon; that near Ten Sleep is the  Little Grand Canyon; that dude ranches abound between Sheridan  and Buffalo; and that there’s a place called Crazy Woman Canyon  that I, of all people, should experience.

That covers MOST of Wyoming and, because I’ve got to stick to the southern routes in order to make my deadline arrival in Vegas- Baby to hear my girl sing on 5/27, Ten Sleep, dude ranches and anything else in the northern half will have to wait. RATS!

Lift off is Friday, May 13. Yep. That’s my lucky number. Silver ain’t the only one frothing at the mouth to get going but, Lord, there’s so much to get done. More trip planning, research, packing and organizing to do and only 7 days to do it all in. Better get moving and off the computer!