Ava and Jake. He is a very special and holds dear a special place in my heart forever.

Ava and Jake. He is a very special and holds dear a special place in my heart forever.

Ava loved animals of all kinds and people of all types. She definitely would want to take in this beautiful animal if she could. After all, she adopted Jake, a wolf mix who could be quite challenging.

Please read below about Alejandro. He’s bilingual! He takes commands in English and Portuguese! He needs plenty of room to play and run as well as a strong pack leader.

I’ve been coaching Stacey on some Alpha training skills to use with him and he’s responding well but still needs a new home!


Stacey got a frantic phone call from a friend three years ago saying that she HAD to go see this pure bred white German Shepherd pup who was going to be killed just by the breeder just because he didn’t have perfect ears. Stacey’s big heart which reminds me ever so much of Ava’s, couldn’t stand the thought of a dog being destroyed for such a reason and, without a second thought, took the pup in. She massaged his ears to help them grow straight and loved him unconditionally.

Stacey lived in an apartment complex which was known to have problems and Ali protected her from harm on several occasions just by being in the apartment and letting would-be burglars know of his presence.  After all, that’s what German Shepherds do best…protect and defend…and that’s exactly what he did for the last three years.

Now that Stacey has moved in to live with Mom to help our family, Ali can’t be inside any more sleeping at the foot of Stacey’s bed. He’s outside and adjusted well but there’s no fenced yard and he needs more attention than she can give. Also, Stacey is helping her son take care of her young grandson which Ali tends to play too rough for the little guy.

Even though Ali responds well to authority, structure and exercise , it would not be good for him to be around young children or the elderly.

Ali has just received all his shots for the year and his next vaccinations will be due September 30, 2014. He has the heart worm shot that will be due in March 2014. He also has 7 months worth of flea and tick protection. He has been neutered and he has an active microchip implant and is crate trained (which would come with him).

It hurts her to have to re-home him because she does love Ali.

Alejandro speaks Portugese!

Alejandro speaks Portuguese!

Please contact me via this post or at fromafriend7491@yahoo.com if you or someone you know is interested in helping our family out find the right fur-ever home for Ali.

And, thank you  in advance for your consideration and concerns.