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Ava and I took a spiritual journey in 2002 across the Navajo Reservation. It was a little over two years after we’d found Carl and we needed this adventure. We drove into Window Rock, explored Canyon De Chelly, Four Corners, Monument Valley, South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Sedona, Petrified Forest and more in five days. It was an amazing adventure that kicked her back into play and gave her what she needed to focus on school again.

Well, it’s been ten years and my best friend, Pat, and I explored the South Rim today. I felt Ava with me all day long…as if she was saying, “Oh, remember this Mom?” Made me sweet sad. We’re even staying at the Quality Inn in Tuba City where we stopped on our way west to the Grand Canyon. This time, Pat and I are heading east…east toward Georgia. But, first we have to revisit southwest Colorado where Ava and I drooled the whole time we drove those back roads just one year ago.

So, for today, here’s our journey. A magnificent time-lapse of life.

Grand Canyon - South Rim



Sun dappled Canyon

Postcard gorgeous!

Where's Montana? At the Grand Canyon! She was a hit again! People coming up wanting their pictures taken with her!

Sunset over the Canyon


So, my daughter, Ava, is with me camping and decided that she would hike down from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, stay at Phantom Ranch tonight and hike back up to the South Rim tomorrow.

Ava pondering walk & hiking sticks


Ava at North Rim Kaibab Trailhead sign ready to go!


A quick look back for luck as she goes on her own great adventure.

Montana and I walked with great pride at our girl’s fortitude and spirit of adventure as we sauntered back over to the North Rim overlook to take some morning pictures.

Along the path to North Rim overlook


at overlook

I was enjoying talking to Tom from Indiana not paying attention at all to Montana’s interest in a chipmunk (so Tom said) when she bolted toward the cliff! As you all will recall, I have serious vertigo and was doing really well to be standing 12 feet from the edge so, when Montana bolted, I was a hair away from turning loose of the leash and saying my last “goodbye” to my crazy lil’ white dawg.

Where Montana jolted at overlook!

Now, I’ve got to finish packing up and heading out to the South Rim for the ┬ánight. Will post later to let you all know about my adventures.

Happy Trails!