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It was one of those spontaneous ideas which happened when we missed the turn in the road. It was then that I realized we were just minutes from the Oregon Coast which Jenni had never seen and I hadn’t seen in twenty years! It was an indicator of how this whole trip has been for us…we’re true compatible travel buddies!

When I asked, “Have you ever seen the Oregon Coast?” and her reply was that she hadn’t, I knew then we needed to just do it so we did! It’s only a few minutes north on Hwy. 101 to get to Harris Beach where Jenni climbed rocks with her pup and Montana and I walked the beach.

If you know me, you know I love the beach, ocean, trees, rocks and art…especially Mother Nature’s!  Here it is! One stop shopping at Harris Beach, Oregon.











Where’s Montana?



The best art is Mother Nature’s! I couldn’t make a 3-D picture of this but wish I could have. If you go to this beach, look for this work showing the redwood rising out of the sand like a Sperm Whale and the huge blocks, intricately balanced, which reminds me of the break in the water as the whale surfaces for air!


And, although these next pictures aren’t from Oregon, they are from a deep forest off road drive we took not far from there. Here again, it was tough getting a good shot of this moss covered mystical tree.






I left the redwood area, reluctantly, today only because I knew I had some wonderful adventures ahead of me taking roads through Oregon and Nevada I’d never before traversed. What a change of scenery in just seven hours! I have determined that Oregon is schizophrenic…it can’t decide if it’s a coastal state, rain forest or arid, bleak lands! Here, let me prove it!

Hwy 199 out of California into Oregon.

Then it starts to change to a more arid terrain.

Then fertile fields…

now with snow-capped mountains…

rolling hills meeting majestic mountains

Back to arid again

Oregon starts to look like northern Nevada as Highway 140 turns southward

Must be getting closer to Nevada but this place is so dessolate so I don’t really know!

Nevada is getting closer…

And…there it is! Nevada looking like a huge meteorite crashed into the middle of those mountains. Wish you could see it better in this photo.

Beautiful colors only Nevada has…

Mountain peaks which look like ocean waves crashing into each other.

I came around the corner from all that arid terrain to think I was seeing a mirage…which turned into a lake in the middle of it all!

Then more change in the mountains…beautiful change.

So, my friends, there you have my case on Oregon. I didn’t show you what I’d already witnessed yesterday on Hwy. 199 of the Smith River area that’s more rain forest than anything else but you’ve already seen that post, right? Sure you have!

Happy Trails!