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It’s been strange trying to settle back into a life of not traveling! Instead of  planning  my next camping stop or hiking place, I’m doing loads and loads of  laundry,  pulling weeds (as Mother Nature is very possessive), cutting grass,  cleaning the  house and so forth. During all this labor intensive service to my  home, I’ve been  pondering my real love of Georgia. So, it will be Georgia’s  back  roads and flea  markets that I write about this summer.

This has really been my first day “back” where I’ve had time to think or drive  around since returning with my daughter on Monday. I’ve run back and forth  from  Atlanta delivering her and helping Mom and now, at last, I’ve got a couple  of days  to gather my thoughts and see some of my favorite spots that I truly  missed while  on my journey.

My home is about 12 miles south of Clayton, Georgia which is located in the  northeastern most corner of Georgia in Rabun County. Highway 441/23 runs  through the center of town bisected by Highway 76. If you continue north on  Hwy. 441, you’ll go through Clayton, Mountain City, Dillard and end up  heading toward Franklin, North Carolina. If you turn left  onto Hwy. 76  heading west, you’ll be going toward Blairsville over one of the  prettiest  highways in Georgia. If you turn right heading east onto Hwy. 76 ,  you’ll end up  in South Carolina in about 20 minutes.

It takes me one hour to get to I-285 and I-85 in Atlanta and another 30 minutes  to run the I-285 gauntlet to Mom’s house in Sandy Springs. It sounds further  away than it really is. Totally doable in a day but best when savored. I’m only  hitting MY favorite spots. There are so many shops to explore and so little time!

Driving north on Hwy. 441 is my favorite thing to do early on Saturdays until all  the venues close at the end of the “season” (winter). There are so  many shiny  objects to satisfy that A.D.D. itch I get.  My A.D.D. itch happens to be pet  friendly indoor and outdoor flea markets.  There are so  many friendly people to  visit with and interesting collections for  sale.

I also like driving north on Hwy. 441 as there is a creamery just across the  North Carolina state line that has the best ice cream on the planet because the  milk is from happy cows. Usually, milk products upset my stomach, therefore, I  don’t eat it much at all. This is my coming home treat. I get a half scoop of  Pralines & Cream and a half scoop of Espresso Fudge on a waffle cone and I’m  good for another couple of months.

Spring Ridge Creamery in Otto, NC

“Farm Fresh Dairy Products from Spring Ridge Creamery

Whole Milk, Butter Milk, and Chocolate Milk

Eggs fresh from the Farm, Hand dipped Ice Cream and a variety of Cheeses

Egg Nog available during the Holiday Season

dairy products,milk,eggs,cheese,ice cream

Just 1.5 miles north of the Georgia border on hwy. 441 in Otto, North Carolina

2 miles north of Dillard, Georgia

11856 Georgia Rd. (Hwy 441) Otto, NC— Phone: 828-369-2958

Jim Moore, Proprietor


(Copied from:

You can sit outside overlooking this river, pasture and the "happy cows" just beyond the river and the trees.

On the way to the creamery, I go to Osage Produce in Mountain City (just north  of Clayton) on the right as well. Their fields are right beside the facility and  fresh produce is being delivered straight from the local farmers as I pick through  peaches, cabbages the size of a giant’s head, tomatoes of all varieties, honey  (their own) and fresh-baked breads. It can be tough turning left from it on  Saturdays as it can get quite congested but so worth it. (

Osage Produce near Dillard, GA

On the way back south, I hit my two favorite flea markets. The first one on the way home is in Mountain City called Rabun Flea Market. It’s several (at least 5) covered but not enclosed long sheds with booths of everything from herbs to plants to jewelry to used tools to cool junk. They are only open on Saturday and Sunday but a great place to walk with Montana.

Rabun Flea Market in Mountain City, GA

Some of the open sheds at Rabun Flea Market

After a walk through this facility chatting with locals and venders, I get back on Hwy. 441 south toward my next favorite flea market in the area, Georgia Mountain Market.

Georgia Mountain Market inside flea market in Clayton GA

Montana loves to shop here. Everyone who knows her runs up to get sugar!

One of Montana's special friends who always has loving treats for her.

One of my newer dear friends, Lynn Scholl has a booth inside Georgia Mountain  Market where she sells “Bodacious Vintage Jewelry”. She has a display of my  own One-of-a-kind  earrings…from a friend available for purchase.  ( Her booth is the first one you see when you  walk into the main door. Tell her “a Friend” sent you!

Lynn Scholl has plenty of "Bodacious Vintage Jewelry" (including my one-of-a-kind earrings) to sell to you!

Another one of my favorite places to stop and visit in Georgia Mountain Market  is with Janice Grant of Turning Creek. Her specialty is “natural handmade  soap”. ( It was a pleasure getting to know her better  today and finding out that her husband, Bob, is a beekeeper. She also sells his  “Raw Mountain Honey”. I see from his card that he also makes hand turned  wood. Check him out at Turning Creek Artisans (

Janice Grant at Georgia Mountain Market selling handmade soap & raw local honey.

To give you a "feel" of the place. It's huge!

We still had more errands to run and the rain was pouring buckets so off we  went to get our day done and write this little ditty.

Next adventure? Sautee, a little known eclectic shopping corner not far from home.

Happy Trails!


My body doesn’t take well to chemicals. If you take 1 pill, I take 1/4th. If you drink “leaded” coffee, I drink un-leaded and get cracked out for the whole day. A motion  sickness pill that won’t have any drowsy effect on my 40 pound dog puts my fanny  in the bed for 4 days! No kidding! I think it’s from being raised on a farm with well  water and  natural foods.

So, I’m not kidding when I say I had to get cracked out on caffeine (TWO 15 oz.  cups of Diet Coke) to counter the drugged  feeling I had this morning from the  “less drowsy”  version of motion sickness meds for vertigo before I even  felt like  venturing out of the house. I haven’t felt safe to drive knowing how dizzy I get  just turning my head to look over  my  shoulder. It was a desperate need to see  people, maybe  even converse with  people, that  pushed me to take such drastic  measures.

I’d recently heard of a local outdoor flea market called Broadacres, in North Las  Vegas. It’s one of my favorite  things to do on Saturdays.  While my daughter  slept, I planned my mini-adventure. I successfully found it on the internet and  took off. It was easy to find. I found it without using my crutch (TomTom), got a  parking spot in the shade (something a southerner learns early) and only had  to pay $1.00 to enter.  Great start, wouldn’t you say? And, to top it all off, the  place was appropriately  named… broad acres.  This was going to  be yummy  except for the fact that it took me two hours to wake up enough to  even drive  which meant the heat was  going to beat me down  if I didn’t  drink  lots of  water and walk in the shade.

As I arrived, I thought of my theory about east coast flea markets: the really  good,  inexpensive treasures are on the periphery. So, it was with great  enthusiasm  to prove it a national theory as well that I proceeded. And, I kinda’  did and kinda’ didn’t. This was an adventure all of its  own.

First impression was that I’d been transported to a 21st century Mexican  marketplace.  There was a lot of Spanish foods, music, customers,  products and  atmosphere.  I was sure I’d find some kind of cool Frida Kahlo treasure to buy;  even a book of  photos or earrings. By the way, Frida Kahlo was an amazing  Mexican artist in the early 1900’s who was wonderfully portrayed by Selma  Hyak in the movie, “Frida”. It’s a must see.

I briskly walked toward the back portion of this huge asphalt paved, fenced  arena of tent canopies abutting each other as far as you could see. There were  the occasional permanent buildings remnant of a past life but not many.

The place was packed but not as bad as an amusement park on a hot day, thank  goodness. You could still walk around without getting run over by strollers or  people. But, after the first hour, it was lookin’ pretty bleak. I’d only purchased  some Lucky Bamboo and a bottle of water and the heat was starting to get to  me. My next purchase had to be some kind of hat.

I kept my eye out for something with holes in the top with a wide brim. I had  several of these at home I’d failed to pack so I didn’t want to spend much and  there were plenty to choose from of all varieties. I needed an extra small one  and I knew that would be a trick. Got it and for $5.00. Now I had to secure it to  my head because the wind gusts were in the 40-50 MPH range (no kidding)  and get back to my Frida quest.

The second hour only served up large portions of penny arcade-type purchases,  brightly colored stilettos and stuff I wasn’t even slightly interested in  purchasing. There were jeans to be purchased for $5.00 and other items I’m  sure worthy of their price tag as well, just not what I wanted. I wanted a  treasure… a Frida treasure.

By the end of that second hour, I was burned up and out. I headed straight for  Silver and we drove back home with an adventure and a deeper tan.

Check it out the next time you’re out this way. Who knows. You might just find your own Frida treasure there.