I thought it important to reach as many people as possible so I’ve decided to Reblog this to my fromafriend7491 blog site normally used for my traveling adventures. But, as most of you know, I designed and created Ava’s Corner after my daughter took her life to help others going through similar hidden thoughts and confusion and, to that end, I’m sharing it here as well.

Ava's Corner

I’ve turned a corner…a good corner.

After Ava left us, many things happened to me (Ava’s mom). I went insane, I lost vocabulary, I could no longer listen to music because she WAS music, I tortured myself in trying to recollect every minute of that last year…conversation…minute before I passed out from being so tired to that moment of hearing that horrible news. To say that first year was fraught with the most horrific grief, love, pain, joy of remembering, anger, relief that she was no longer in an earthly torture, resentment because I still was…is a GROSS understatement of all the other experiences I had then and since.

The good news? Wait for it. I promise it’s coming!

My 2016 summer trip West to immerse myself in HER Las Vegas and friends helped my healing immensely. After coming home, I was finally able to grieve for my loss of…

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