The other night…Saturday…I think…I had the privilege of witnessing dome of the most talented performers I’ve ever seen…and for free! One of my daughter’s friends had tickets and took me!

They were holding auditions in on of the theaters in Sam’s Town Resort & Casino in Vegas. Most of the singers were all formally trained in opera but had another voice or three up their sleeves!

Here’s the caveat…I can’t remember names especially in the last four years so please forgive me for not name g these incredible performers. I’ve tried to Google the event in every single way I could and the performers with what I could remember but got zilch…zip…nada.

First up was a man (Tim ?) who could sing almost any note on a keyboard, sound like Jerry Lee Lewis or a coloratura or a trumpet…and not just any trumpet…David Perrico playing trumpet kinda.

I now digress…a little. I was afraid I would leave town without hearing his genius but it was his band on stage playing for all the performers! How did I know it was him? By that first trumpet note he played! I almost fell outta mah chair! So, if you ain’t never heard Perrico play trumpet or see him conduct every note played by every member of his orchestra, “Pop Strings Orchestra,” you ain’t heard amazing in way too long. Next trip to Vegas put it on the top of your list!

Back to the other part if this story! There was a group who sang cross over (opera to pop) who were great but my favorite was the most energetic, talented Queen tribute band! Anyone who knows me knows Queen gets me west of the Mississippi & sometimes all the way to Vegas Baby. I was floored. The performers were two women and a man who rocked my world by finishing up with…you guessed it.. “Bohemian Rhapsody!”

Pics of Sam’s Town won’t download onto WordPress so you’ll have to find them online or on my fromafriend FB page! It was so cool inside!