I couldn’t get out of Fresno fast enough on Monday. The temperature there promised to hit triple digits and I just didn’t like the feel of the place at all. I’m funny that way with energy of people, places and things.

The first pictures are of my journey on back roads from Fresno to LA. I believe I saved myself hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic on the expressways and gained the experience of seeing the part of that journey I’d not seen before.

Strange how dry it is in California.


The house on the hilltop must be the owner of this ranch. There were no neighbors…none. This is a little too isolated even for my taste!


The mountains I’d just come over and the rear-view perspective from the rest stop at the bottom.


YES! The Pacific Ocean…finally! Yippee!


Now get a gander of this one!


These last two days have been so FULL that I thought I’d lost a day. My computer is still on Eastern time so it registered all my photos taken as being dubbed “yesterday” which sent my poor ole brain spinning outta control thinking I’d lost a day! We’ve been doing so much in such a short amount of time I had a hard time sorting it all out. I immediately booked an extra night here in a frantic response to my confusion but that’s not a bad thang…it’s a good thang because I get more time with someone very precious to me.

Today, we went to one of my all-time favorite places to go to here in LA…the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine on PCH in Pacific Palisades. So amazingly peaceful, fulfilling and wonderful. It’s a must.

Where’s Montana? She’s meditating with the Begonias!

2016-5-31CA1 copy


I didn’t realize until today that banana trees have flowers very similar to the Bird of Paradise plant!

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Lake, pools and waterfalls add to the peaceful ambiance of this magnificent shrine.


And the turtles are trained to come up to the dock when people walk out…obviously someone has been feeding the wildlife.






I have always paraphrased this verse to be, “Be quiet and listen!” It’s still true…be still…




Do you see the flower that appears to be growing out of the hole in the dead stump?



The roses! My goodness…the magnificent roses!


Doesn’t the base of this plant look like a snake? This split leaf philodendron must date back to the shrine’s inception…1920.


My second favorite place AFTER the Shrine is to have lunch at The Moonshadow. It’s the only place I’ve ever seen that serves “tender barbequed octopus!” There ain’t nothing tender about octopus!


The view from our table…


Okay…so not her view but she was happy!


Good night and HAPPY TAILS!