As the my Donna’ism saying goes, a thousand pictures is worth a million words. I’m going to let the photos tell the story. I started this morning in SW Wyoming and as I got closer to the Grand Tetons and in the second blog for today, you’ll find I also drove through Yellowstone and into Montana. I took over 180 photos and culled it down to the ones in this post and the PS with Yellowstone!

I’ve officially fallen in love with the Grand Tetons. My BFF from high school, Krysta Bagwell (we called her “Baggie” and she hated/loved our nickname) with whom I stayed in touch until her very last conversation. She worked hard for 30 years for Colonial Pipeline to retire and move West. She’d fallen in love with it as a child when her mom would take her and her siblings camping.

She moved to Idaho and built her dream home and was diagnosed with inoperable colorectal cancer and died 18 months later. She had told me I needed to come see the Grant Tetons but I, too, was sick then…going through a mental unbalance…and just couldn’t make the trip West. She made the trip to see me.

This trip to the Grand Tetons was in loving memory of my dear BFF. You rode with me all the way.


Jackson Wyoming

On the way on North 189 toward the Grand Tetons. See the Glaciers behind that shack? They pulled me toward them!

I finally get to the Park and WOW! Al that and more!







Took this picture at the “Glacier Turn Out.” I don’t like how they’re melting.



The Snake River runs through the Grand Tetons. It was awesome seeing its rushing waters next to the Glaciers.


Please tune in to the Yellowstone Blog dedicated to my mom!