This hotel internet SUCKS! Last night I struggled for a couple of hours posting what I could and now I can’t get on WordPress on this server because… So, I posted this on Facebook before I could even get onto WP. This one will be short and sweet too.
This morning I left southern Colorado headed for Boulder and Rawlins, Wyoming. I chose a scenic route and was greeted by a low flying cloud! I couldn’t see ten feet in front of me! It Emergency Flasher time until I started down the mountain to see these wonderful views.

I definitely want to go back to Trinidad, CO. I really love the southern area of this state but the northern part really is not so alluring to me. It too me hours to get through Denver. I didn’t thing I’d ever get past it. Just went on and on and on.
Most excited to get closer to tomorrow’s destination…my western first love location…Flaming Gorge National Recreational Area in Utah…I pushed through Wyoming. I’d forgotten (even though I’ve driven this highway several times) how magnificent it is. See those snow capped mountains in the background?