Where's Montana? At the Grand Canyon! She was a hit again! People coming up wanting their pictures taken with her!

As a rule, Montana and I go walking the outdoor & indoor flea markets up here which are open only on weekends to see our friends.

I’ve been a shut-in this last week getting my rocks identified, priced and ready for sale so when I told Montana we were walking the flea markets with my girl Stacey Soma yesterday, I thought she was going to lose her mind until we left!

However, she really lost her mind when she saw her favorite flea market lady, Lou. I forewarned Stacey about the Lou/Montana XXX rated love fest when they see each other. Lou is about as tall as Montana when M stands up to hug Lou! They hug, kiss, dance their special love-fest dance until Lou can catch her breath! Then, Lou feeds Montana until she runs out of things to feed her.

I turned the corner not expecting Lou to be at the flea market because she has been working her “other job” for the last six weeks on the weekends. Their eyes met. Montana BOLTED. Lou JUMPED. It was ON AND POPPIN! The crowd gathered anticipating the ritual…they all have experienced how these two are when they see each other!

Unbeknownst to me, the flea market was having a bring-a-dish lunch to kick off the “winter” season (it was the last weekend for the outdoor market which means the indoor one will be full for the winter). There was food spread over several tables. So when the love fest slowed down, everyone observing had food for Montana. Montana danced and did all her tricks for the treats. Lou kept going back to the serving tables for more and more roast beef. Then a stranger brings a stick of cornbread, another a chunk of pork roast, yet another stuffing…and on and on and on until Montana was too tired or too full to do another trick!

Last night, I built the second fire of the season. Montana’s favorite place to sleep is in front of the fire…on her leopard print beanbag she adopted when I dropped it by the back door on its way to the basement for the garage sale. When I went to go stoke the fire, there she was sprawled out…not curled up in a ball…but dropped on the beanbag like a sack of rags…crapped out. It was just too cute to not record!

rag doll dog...full, too sleepy to acknowledge my intrusion

rag doll dog…full, too sleepy to acknowledge my intrusion



She didn’t even move an eyelash when I went in to snap these pictures. Too funny!