Me and Moose! What a great time! I’m now officially rodeo ready! LOL

Had the best time riding “my” horse, Moose! A few years ago when I went with my “cousin,” Maya, to see her horse, Jessie, I noticed this white horse wo seemed so lonely and I saw in his eyes he was a keeper. Well, Maya kept him and has called him my horse ever since!

Well, I finally got to ride him today! I didn’t know that he used to be a rodeo horse and if I did, I certainly had forgotten it along with a million other things since Ava’s death. I got his history confused with Cheryl’s horse, Kailua, who used to be a trail horse.

Long story short is that Maya and I were riding in a fairly large corral and I gave Moose the signal to go faster. Well, Maya did the same thing behind me which triggered Moose’s competitive drive to beat the clock and he shot off like a rocket! The saddle wasn’t tight and the stirrups weren’t exactly right for bronco riding and I bounded all over the damn place while trying to get Moose to respect my reign commands. He wasn’t in the mood and I thought he was going to jump the fence! They couldn’t believe that I didn’t fall off! I wasn’t going down without a fight and a handful of mane!

The good news is that Moose stopped right at the fence. I didn’t know that Maya’s daughter would turn him loose to run to the gate just for fun! Geez! It was great being with them today and seeing my horse! Thanks, Maya! you made my day! Love you so much.

I guess you can say I’m rodeo ready! We’re going to the local western club for my birthday celebration next so I guess I should ride the bull! What do you think?

Yeeehaaww and giddy up!

Happy Trails!