Yep, I said Bulls ‘n Barrels! Bull riding and Barrel racing…right in my own back yard…well, almost!

After a two week depression over my daughter’s birthday I was set free when I saw a sign…BULLS&BARRELS Saturday 9-22-12! I started laughing over the concept of taking my best friend, Pat, who never has a hair out of place or ever breaks a fingernail to her first Bulls ‘n Barrels Rodeo. I actually laughed out loud! She couldn’t make it; I understandably got bumped by a visit from her grandson.

Believing in the right timing of all things, I just let it all flow. It’s something one learns somewhere around menapause if one is lucky as good things happen if you let them unfold. My dear neighbors picked me up and took me! I had the best time with them! So…here goes!

Little did I know that these guys warm up with some pretty vigorus ballet-looking moves!

Rodeo warm up!

Love that little boy’s face. Looks like he’s saying, “Ballet with spurs?”


What rodeo is complete without the clowns? They’re the hardest working dudes around!

Rodeo ready!

What a view! This is what you see while you’re waiting for the bulls!

Getting on the bull!

Busy with the bulls…ready to open the gates!

Forward motion!

The ride!

Next rider getting ready!

It’s pretty darn tricky working those gates with a ton o’ pissed off bull headin’ straight for you!

There’s a bull with a rider on his back in there somewhere!

Women’s Barrel Racing winner! She tore it up!

They saved the toughest bulls for last! Wow!

Thank you Jay, Lisa and Amber! I had the best time tonight! Thank God for great neighbors and fantastic friends!

Happy Trails!