Misconceptions and misinformation abound in my expectations of what I was going to see today but that’s okay. I was NOT disappointed in the US side of the Falls at all. The park was beautifully laid out and had marvelous walking paths enabling huge volumes of people of world origins to enjoy in a close up and personal way.

The water is wide! This is on the way to get to the Falls.

Still getting there~

FINALLY! White water!

And….drum roll…

FINALLY! What happened to the rest of the Falls? LOL

There’s some!

Here I am at Niagara Falls!


This is the path you take to get to the Falls from Parking Lot 2 of US side!

Having seen Niagara Falls via IMAX in Montreal after Ava & Numa got married in 2006 left me with the impression that the falls were much bigger. All the movies I’ve seen make it look V-A-S-T, and don’t get me wrong, it IS big but not as VAST as I thought it would be or as deep.  Funny how the movies always make it look more mystical. Remember the Marilyn Monroe movie called “Niagara Falls?” It was one of her best! It is an Alfred Hitchcock kinda’ thriller and very well done in true Marilyn style as well.

And, I hear it on good authority that the Canadian side is so NOT park-like…more Vegas-like! Look at this contrast.

See industrial Canada in the background behind the mist?

I was taking pictures for people left and right. I saw them trying to figure out how to capture this moment with everyone in the shot and just stepped up to help. I probably took fifty pix today for people. It was fun. Then, I finally had someone ask me if I wanted them to take mine. Probably didn’t happen sooner because of language barriers! So many countries represented in such a small area!

See! Here I am at the Falls!

Along the pathway to Horseshoe Falls, aptly named for its shape.

BIRD? SQUIRREL? RABBIT? DEER? TURTLE? LOL As Montana’s job at the cabin is to keep the crows and squirrels away, she was in hog heaven with all the seagulls today. Everyone was laughing at her barking at them. They, of course, sqawked back at her!

I actually liked this one the best!

See the mist? That’s the drop-off!

The pathway to Three Sisters so named because, in the 1800’s, the water froze over enough for a man to walk across to get on all ll three islands and asked the owner to name it Three Sisters and, obviously did! Pretty brave if you ask me!

Pathway to Three Sisters


One of the views from an island of the Three Sisters.

BIRDS? Sure glad Montana didn’t recognize those little white dots as being those pesky lil seagulls she’d been barking at all day! This is a from a different bridge between the Three Sisters islands.

Got lost on a back street and found some really great historic fixer-uppers!

Some already fixed…

and very nice architectural diversity…

Quaint structures with huge looming modern commercial buildings a block away.

and my favorite photo de jour:

Contrast again between Canada’s side of the Falls and our park side!

I’m glad we didn’t screw this up and kept it a park. Thanks, forefathers!

As for tomorrow? Mirjana takes the train to the Falls (Canada side) and then we are two gypsies dancing by the firelight until she tells me she has to work. Then, I’m off to Prince Edward Island to do the “Anne of Green Gables” thang!

Happy Trails!

P.S. Even though the internet service at this KOA has been awful, the people both at the KOA and at Tengo Internet have been remarkably helpful. I still had to go to McD’s this AM to get anything done (after learning McD’s has free internet)…they’re also the only game in town with free net. I had to order something but I guess it was worth it…just don’t like eating that kind  fast food. My preference for fast food is carrots and celery! But, the guy who took my order is Van Gogh’s twin! Seriously, only Van Gogh with nose, lip and eyebrow piercings and big rings in his ears…better that than lopping one off, eh!

The other PS is about John’s Pizza & Subs. They do wings right! I recommend the Cajun wings (all drums, of course). Everyone was friendly and they’re all cooks! There were about 8 young men in their full-view fairly small kitchen area doing their jobs smoothly. They cook everything  fresh so it takes a little longer but tastes so much better! So, if you’re ever on Grand Island, NY check them out: johnspizzaandsubs.com 716-774-0020.