How in the WORLD do you totally miss Flaming Gorge? I have no clue but that’s exactly what happened today. See, it all started when I found myself in the middle of no where Wyoming needing gas. So, I did the most logical thing which was to find an interstate, which I did. It was either back track 10 miles or go down into a no name Wyoming town 3 miles off the freeway to fill ‘er up (so the sign on the freeway said, anyway).

I drove three miles to find the state route closed. The highway department worker sent me on a detour. That’s the last thing I remember except I kept saying to Montana that nothing looked familiar, which was the way it was supposed to be because I was taking a back road. Then I saw a sign mentioning Flaming Gorge and got all excited but it NEVER showed up. Before I knew it, I was in Green River, Wyoming north of the gorge.

Sure, I coulda’ turned around and gone south through the gorge but I’d already done that three times. I wanted to discover what it was like going north. Oh well. It just wasn’t meant to happen on this trip and quickly resigned myself to the fact that I’ll just have to do it next trip out!

So, here are pictures of the back road I was on!

Wyoming unknown state route going north!

Looks like Nevada!

Snow covered mountains!

landscape changes again


more flying

changing terrain again and again

beautiful greens and big rocks


Tomorrow I leave Wyoming and enter Colorado to see Mandy in Boulder. I can’t wait!

Happy Trails!