While I was strolling with my new found friend, Dana, yesterday, she told me, “Don’t leave town without seeing Emerald Bay. If you haven’t seen it, you missed the best part of South Lake Tahoe!” Ya’ know what? She was RIGHT! WOWSER! I was transported back to 2003 when my ex and I took a trip this same time of the year to Glacier National Park in NW Montana. This drive had magnificent forests and veiws of the lake most people never see. I’m sorry to say that pulling the trailer kept me from pulling over to get some really great shots but I think you’ll get enough of an idea to drive the four hours from Vegas to see it.

The drive to get to the Emerald Bay overlook was pretty spectacular!

Road leading up to Emerald Bay.

First peek at Emerald Bay through the trees!

Majestic just like Glacier National Park in NW Montana!

Drive back from peek of Emerald Bay view.

Road back from Emerald Bay on the way toward Eldorado National Forest.

Then I drove through Eldorado National Forest, yet another phenominal drive!

Drive through Eldorado National Forest on the way to Petaluma, CA.

Cabins on the river in Eldorado National Forest.

Then on the way to Napa Valley!

Me and my hyper ADD Montana traveling partner in Napa Valley.

The road through Napa Valley in Sonoma toward Petaluma.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley

Road to Petaluma, CA

Tomorrow morning I head straight for the Pacific Coast Highway just north of San Francisco! I have reservations to camp for four days at a campground which backs up to a redwood forest! I have Ava with me but I still think of calling her to tell her how beautiful the drive is just like I’ve always done.

Happy Trails!