I’ve been absent but for good reason. I’m diligently working on a book of short stories of real life adventures and misadventures from my childhood, my life and my journey toward mental health, happiness and rediscovering my joie de vivre, from a Friend, a book of short stories. As writers go, we write, re-write, edit, write some more and re-write and re-edit. It’s an OCD process that keeps my ADD very happy and my dyslexia in absolute misery. LOL I wouldn’t have it any other way because I wouldn’t know how to be any other way!

Want a peek into my novella, from a Friend, a story of Great Warrior? Read my blog “My Son’s Eyes” for a taste. It’s about the great adventure my family went on with my son, his disappearance and his communications with us from the other side. Faith, love and communication from all levels are explored and experienced in my journey through it all.

Jus as an aside, it seems like someone’s protesting or  complaining about the size of a person’s wealth but, to my way of thinking, I coulda’ been born into a wealthy family as there was a time when Mom’s family was. But things happen and as Dad used to say, “I shoulda’ been born rich instead of so damn good looking!” Yep. If he had been born rich, I would’ve had a totally different experience. Maybe I woulda’ never lost a son and almost a daughter but I also wouldn’t be the woman I am today and I like me just fine.

My next Great Adventure is June and July so we won’t miss the PowWows and Rodeos this year! I had thought I’d cancel this year’s adventure but I was reminded about the Mayan calendar thingie and decided I really needed to cram as much in this year as possible just in case they knew what they were talking about. So, Montana and  I’ll be heading west hoping Ava will join us on a great adventure up the Pacific Coast Highway to my favorite redwood forest in all the world where God lives. I can’t wait!

Right now, Montana won’t come away from the wood burning stove. She’s so cute! It’s funny but it’s very comforting to see my bird dog in front of a fire.

Happy Trails!

Montana in front of the fire