Day 5:  There were only a couple of items left on my to-do list. Stanton Island Ferry and the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. I took the M15 Downtown (an express bus) which took only about 30 minutes to get me down to Battery Park where I could catch the free Stanton Island Ferry. My only complaint is that someone really needs to clean the sidewalks around the entrance of the building every single day.

Stanton Island Ferry on the Stanton Island side

Brooklyn Bridge on a foggy morning... cool, huh?

It was so cool seeing only fog... and then, there she was.

I just don't get tired of seeing her... fog, night, day, sunset... anytime.

Isn't it cool how the fog wraps itself around Manhattan?

Last image of the southern most part of Manhattan... awww. I'm going to miss it.

I hooked up with my friend to head out for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular!

Ya’ know, I’d NEVER would have paid $95.00 for one ticket to see a bunch of women, no matter how beautiful, kick their legs up in the air in unison. It’s just not my idea of a great show. I’m spoiled. My son-in-law works for Cirque du Soleil so I’ve gotten to go to many of their Vegas shows and traveling ones. They really know how to put on an incredible show!

But, I gotta’ say that it was my dear friend, Pat, who convinced me this was a MUST in our quest for a renewed Christmas connection. She was so right! WOW!  I experienced the most truly spectacular show EVER to reconnect with my spiritual roots at this time of the year. Yes, it had great costumes, precision kicking, tap dancing, but it also had the “reason for the season” complete with why time is more valuable than gifts in 3-D storytelling and a full nativity with scripture. It was fun, fantastic and fabulous.

After the show, I decided to walk back to the hotel. I was a happy pensive knowing it was my last night in the city of magic and lights. During my walk, I realized I couldn’t take Pat’s chocolates back on the plane with me so I had to hustle back to the hotel, get them and rush to the closest Godiva Chocolate store before they closed to ship them. I actually made it and strolled back again thinking only of packing and going up to the hotel restaurant for a nice glass of wine before going to bed.

When I got to the 26th floor around 10PM, I was immediately sorry I hadn’t made the time to come up before. The view was magnificent. My table overlooked Roosevelt Island, the Brooklyn Bridge and a vast city, seemingly at my feet. It was beautiful until…

During the night, my stomach started feeling uncomfortable. By 6 or 7 AM on the day of my departure, I realized I had contracted food poisoning! I couldn’t afford to stay and the hotel was in total denial, not wanting to accept their responsibility. I just don’t understand how they can maintain a conscience about their other clientele. I’ll pay $1700 for a 6-day stay but not $70 for a dinner that made me sick? I was faking it? Really? They’ll get a great deal more than negative press over not dealing with this appropriately that day than causing me to challenge the charge for the very expensive meal. As before, I have challenged it with the help of American Express.

Armed with Dramamine and ginger ale, I made it to, through and at the airport, plane, flight and home.

WHAT A WILD RIDE! Told you it wouldn’t be boring!