The last item on my Vegas-Baby to-do list before leaving to go camping was to  visit  the Bellagio and their Gallery of Fine Art. I get to the Bellagio alright, I just  never  seem to get there at the right time… like when they’re open. So, I made a  plan to  just do it.

The Bellagio is my favorite casino/hotel facility in Vegas-Baby. It has real  uptown  class and it has Chihuly… lots and lots of Chihuly! Who is Chihuly, you  say? Dale  Chihuly is a master of blown glass in art form of world renown. He  takes glass,  adds color and design and makes it art… a poppy field hanging  from a ceiling or  an arrangement in a vase or items floating in water or items  holding water. He has  a remarkable talent.

Here is the poppy field hanging from the ceiling of the Bellagio Hotel lobby.

Poppy field hanging fromBellagio Lobby ceiling

Closer view:

Up close and personal


really close

Or maybe you’d like the bouquet of Chihuly:

Huge Chihuly Bouquet

Now for the class part. How’s this for a swimming pool? Oops. Can’t see the  pool for the trees? Don’t worry. It’s there and BIG!

Really... there's a pool back there behind all the trees and landscaping.

The Bellagio also has one of the finest atriums ever that they decorate with  different themes representing a holiday, season or event. So far, I’ve seen  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Year of the whatever 2010 was in the Chinese  calendar and whatever this month’s that looked somewhat Americana 1890’s.  It’s more fun to me not really knowing the theme and deciding for myself. You  try it. What do you think?

Ferris Wheel with American Flags hanging everywhere

and the carousel…

see the carousel behind these people gawking at water?

Those people are watching the water jump up out of the pool and slap back  down. I’d rather look at the ferris wheel myself.

I paid my Senior rate to get into the Art Gallery that I’d heard so much about and  was pretty disappointed for my $12.oo fee. They only had 30 pieces of art  ranging from some really good Impressionists to some less impressive “art”.

I’m just sayin’ I get more bang for my buck at real museums that don’t empty into  the photo gallery of a local famous photographer. It’s like they get you “high” on  the more valuable Monet, Chagall art so this photographer’s prices don’t look so  bad. I’m not saying he’s not a good photographer. He is. And, if you fly me  around the world with the equipment he has, i could probably make some pretty  good pictures. Actually, me and my little Canon make darn good pictures going  80 MPH through the windshield, don’t you think? I need to sell some of my  stuffs too!

Tomorrow is packing day. It’s going to be short of a miracle to get my  daughter outta’ town Tuesday morning. Everyone is wanting her to drop by a  party or to see her before she goes and she hasn’t even packed yet and she has to  pack for camping, for Atlanta and for Austria! Oh, did I tell you she’ll be gone  for three months?

Tomorrow should be fun!

Happy Trails!