Today is going to be a very difficult day. Ava and I hobnobbing with her in- famous friends. It’ll be one Memorial Day party after another all day. It’s a  tough job but somebody has to do it and we’re the girls for the job! We’re rested  and ready for the events de jour.

Yesterday was the warm up. Ava and I bounced between errands and planned  Sunday events all day long. We finally landed at a barbecue birthday party  attended by professional humorists, hypnotists and singers… and me.

We’re also out and about putting up flyers for Ava’s next performance at a  fundraiser her friend, Cheryl, is giving at her home this coming Wednesday,  June 1st from 6:30 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. to help with Ava’s expenses for the  intensive opera program Ava will be attending in Graz, Austria for seven weeks  this summer.


There will be silent auctions for: two Cirque du Soleil tickets ANYWHERE IN  THE WORLD with 24 hours notice; also two tickets to the Vegas-Baby  “Phantom of the Opera” production which includes an autographed poster and  backstage passes with a photo with the cast.

Raffle tickets are $5.00 each. Prizes include: $100.00 gift certificate to Tao  Restaurant in Vegas-Baby, H&M Gift Certificate, original works of art  (paintings by Cheryl Parker and Vital Germaine) and more to come.

The action will include an OPEN BAR,  hor d’oeuvres and performances by Ava.  Also performing are:

7:00 Carmen’s tribute to Jazz

7:30 Penny Wiggin’s act

7:45 Jenni’s french horn songs

8:00 Ava sing’s opera and art songs

8:30 Heather and Rachel’s fire act

8:45 intermission

9:00 Anastasia’s show (I’ve got you under my skin)

9:15 Irish Kevin songs

Knowing some of you can’t attend but would like to contribute toward this  fabulous opportunity for our own starving artist, there’s a site below where you  can make a difference in a very talented lady’s life. All donations are graciously  accepted and will go directly toward her $2000 plane ticket and food expenses.  All other fees have been paid through scholarship awards.

As an entrepreneur and artist, and through Ava’s experience as performer, my  awareness has been heightened for the need to network across all artistic  genres for each other. It’s the passionate artist that stuns the world with their  music or painting into remembering our humanity. It’s the writer or ballerina  who touches just the right spot in our soul that triggers the desire to do good for  the less fortunate. What would the world be like without the collective artistic  “us”? I, personally, think it would be more cold, harsh, painful and warlike.

I’m just sayin’…

Poster for Ava's Fundraiser event 6/1/2010