Sunday, after my wonderful day with Maya and the horses, I came down with  major allergies coupled with an  extraordinary bad case of vertigo. I,  literally, can’t lean my head in any direction without the room spinning out  of  control. The nausea from the room spinning is wearing me out  I can’t bend  over, lean over or do anything  other than keep my head straight up and ahead.

I don’t like slowing down and am getting quite ill about it all!

On Sunday, my daughter woke up in excruciating back pain. As she’s an opera  singer with two very important  upcoming performances, she can’t take any  anti-inflammatory medicine as it can cause hemorrhaging in her  throat. I can’t  help her  except to drive her to the doctors or drug store.

And, yes, she’s ill about it all as well. She joked with the doctor this morning saying she’s ready to be cast in an  opera that requires singing in a reclining position because that’s the only way she’s been able to prepare for
Friday night’s opera aria performance with an orchestra.

So, that’s why you haven’t heard any cool stories about going to last-minute events or fun stuff. We’re just trying desperately to heal so we can go on  the next leg of  Great Adventure 2011!