I’m in R&R right now and, an integral part of that is doing what I love to do when I finally get to Vegas-Baby: eat at Lucille’s, listen to my girl sing, sleep in my room at Ava’s and hang out with my girl.

So, here’s the scoop on Lucille’s. It’ one of the finest places out of the south that serves good, authentic, down home barbecue and veggies. Lucille’s is in a shopping center near Green Valley (I think) off the 215. Here’s a visual for you:


And ambiance from the 1950’s circa “The Christmas Story”:

FRAH-GEE-LEE ("Fragile" written on the shipping box in the move.. remember?)

And, finally, the order:

Ready to order beef ribs for me!

Now, dig in!


I’m just sayin’! Nighty night!