Having fallen in love with Utah in 2009 during my first Great Adventure, I wasn’t   sure that I could fall any deeper in love with the state. I was wrong. Today has  proven that. When I woke up to 4-5 inches of snow after sleeping in a log cabin  (at Red Canyon Lodge – http://www.redcanyonlodge.com) in my favorite spot in Utah (Red Canyon in the Ashley National  Forest within the Flaming Gorge Recreational Area), I knew today would be  magical. Just how magical it could get was what made my trip all worth while.

what a view US 40 South toward Vernal

It was STILL snowing! How cool! ME driving in the snow in UTAH! Wow! I  get all silly remembering the feeling I had when I took this picture.

Ashley Forest Hwy 191 building to crescendo

It was a bitter sweet departure… not wanting to leave but couldn’t wait to see what was in store for me, too.

leaving log cabin was so hard

What I’d forgotten about leaving Red Canyon via Vernal was the fabulous  panoramic view of Lucerne Valley before you arrive in Vernal. Right before.  Nothing prepares you for it as cameras only take a picture of what will remind  you (hopefully) of the magnificence you actually experienced. It fails in  comparison.

Lucerne Valley - it only got better

Lucerne Valley

more Lucerne Valley

and more Lucerne

almost done

Wasn't that worth it?

But, as my dear friend from high school, Bunnie, used to say, “God don’t make   no junk”. She was so right. She even made a needlepoint saying that and hung   it on the wall. Gosh, I miss her. God didn’t make no junk and I  was to see  more of His glory as the day went on with an amazing reminder at the end of  my day’s journey.

It was during this next stretch of Highway 191 that meandered through Ashley  National Forest again that caused me to, literally, hold my breath for most of  the drive in total awe and disbelief. I was transported into the most amazing  winter wonderland of pristine forest, snow, rock outcroppings and mountains  majesty. It was almost too much but just shy of it. Here. See if you can “feel” “it”.

Ashley Forest Hwy 191

Ashley Forest Hwy 191 building to crescendo

Trees heavy with snow -Hwy 191

magnificent views Hwy 191

I know these pictures can’t really show you but it does my heart good to have something of that stretch of back road that touched my heart and showed me yet another place where God lives. I saw a little ranch for sale nestled at the base of these mountains with a nice stream running through it. Drool. The only problem is that you’d have a very long drive to the store!

What could possibly top this? I’d NEVER seen that much snow. EVER.

Well, Hwy. 10 wasn’t too far off the mark.

Hwy 10 South

Ashley Forest Hwy 191 building to crescendo

Trees heavy with snow -Hwy 191

magnificent views Hwy 191

And, it was toward the end of this section of highway where the treat God had been  promising me all day long belonged.

Thank you, God, for a wonderful day.

And, when I was getting into my 7th hour of driving through fabulous  countryside on my way to Bryce Canyon for some hiking tomorrow, lo and  behold, I’m transported back into 1950. I gotta’ go back into this town on my  way to Vegas-Baby. Look a’ here.

the whole town looks like it never left the 1950's

Thanks for listening… and looking… and sharing this wonderful trip with me.   And, I promise I’ll get back to Wyoming when their weather is better! I guess  it was more important for me to be in Utah this trip.

Time to rest. Montana and I have a big day tomorrow in Bryce Canyon. Sleep well and happy trails.