What a day it’s been with the nasty weather rolling across Wyoming. It forced me  to make some painful decisions about what to do today. My plans were to visit  Laramie and drive the scenic route through the Medicine Bow National Forest  but bad weather in both areas pushed me westward into the loving arms of Flaming  Gorge, Utah. Anyone who  followed my 2009 trip knows how painful that decision really  was (not). I fell in love with Flaming Gorge then and couldn’t wait to get back.  The bad weather in Laramie did the trick and off I went. I arrived at Hwy. 530 around 3:30 today and spent the next four hours in bliss… pure, unadulterated bliss.

Here. Let me just show you what I’ve been talking about! The last picture is from my 2009 trip. Like I say, it’s all about the light!

Sheep Creek Geological area

Sheep Creek area

 Leaving Red Canyon

 Green River at Red Canyon in Ashley National Forest, Utah

2009 picture, same view of Green River

Last two pictures are the same shot but different year, time of year and  weather. The one immediately above was taken on my last trip to Red Canyon  in 2009. The one above it is from yesterday. Remarkable  lighting made it look  like a different place!

leaving log cabin

What did I learn today? “No significant snow” means something altogether different to people in Utah! Look what I woke up to!