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Today’s post is dedicated to (West) Glacier National Park via  Kalispell, MT! As before, a thousand pictures is worth a million words! This is amazing country and too much dialogue just diminishes the view! Enjoy! I sure did!

I’m staying in Kalispell, MT to enjoy getting to know a new town but to drive back and forth to Glacier. I know, that sounds crazy but when I travel a back road, I get a different perspective of the views depending on the direction I’m taking. For example, traveling East to West through Zion National Park looks more remarkable to me than West to East. The difference to me is that dramatic and I love experiencing this when I go anywhere.

I started my day with breakfast at the Montana Club and Casino. No, I didn’t gamble on anything other than their California Omelet & I won!


The inside decor was so awesome! I sat there enjoying the view as much as I did meeting another southerner who had moved to Kalispell 17 years ago as I did my breakfast. I’m going to get back before I leave, for sure.

The Main Street area of Kalispell is adorable! Check this out!




Leaving Kalispell up Hwy. 93 to Hwy 35 to Hwy 2 (about 35 miles toward West Glacier (western entrance to the Park) was a culmination of thirteen years of dreams of getting back here. Yeah, you could say I was excited!

With the rain forecast, I really didn’t expect to take over 250 pictures today but Mother Nature provided me such great beauty in the clouds sitting on top of the glacier capped mountains. With each twist and turn of the road, I got a different perspective of the clouds and the mountains they were snuggling.





One of the Forks of the Flathead River.






Then, we entered Glacier from the West entrance where you’ll find Lake McDonald and the Lodge built on it in 1913. I couldn’t go inside because they were getting it ready for inspection for their season opening tomorrow. Go online and check it out.

Where’s Montana? Montana is in Montana sitting near Lake McDonald!


Lake McDonald



Lake McDonald Lodge original renovated Tour Buses. I took these in 2003 to tour the Going-To-The-Sun Road when I was here before and it was so awesome.


This creek is one of the many that feed Lake McDonald and it runs right beside the lodge and some of the cabins for rent there.


Who is that standing by the rear of the Lodge where it overlooks Lake McDonald?


And here too! It looks a great deal like Montana!


Rear view of the Lodge from the boat dock.


One of the cabins for rent by the creek at Lake McDonald Lodge.


The next video and photos are near the end of the stretch of road open today.




Because only sixteen miles of the Going-To-The-Sun Road was open today, I explored the only other road available. One is called Camas Road. The next photos are views from it.


North Fork of the Flathead River.



And the scary cool part of my journey today was taking a rock road into an area not named nor generally travelled especially this time of the year. I wasn’t sure why I kept going on this one lane road because the views weren’t spectacular and Montana was signaling with her funny little wince that she wanted me to turn around. I did because she was insistent and she’s got a better sense of smell than I do and she sure didn’t like something.

It took me a few minutes to even find a spot to turn around and found this “money shot!”


Tomorrow, we’ll be driving past the West entrance going east on Hwy. 2 hugging the southern portions of the Park to get to the East entrance. Not sure how many miles are open on that side tomorrow but I heard that Going-To-The-Sun Road will be open on Saturday, the day I leave.


After getting a full nights rest last night, my now clear head realized that I’d “bought” 3 days from my zealous driving methods. As I have this realization, I’m thinking, “I’m in Montana…my favorite state…and only six (6) hours away from my second favorite National Park (first being Ashley National in Utah)…Glacier…! DANG! I’m going!”

I got so excited knowing I’d be there again after thirteen (13) years AND for three days that I got a renewal of spirit. I couldn’t pack up the car fast enough!

This blog is purely the joy of the drive of western Montana from Livingston (just North of Yellowstone near Bozeman) to Kalispell (just south of Glacier National Park).

It’s a stunning drive and I wish I had a better camera but these photos will give you a taste of what you have to look forward to when you make this trip!

First photo, about an hour north of Livingston, when I spy glacier capped mountains! I just can’t get enough of this stuff!


It’s true! The grass is greener on the other side! This is the greenest grass I ever saw!


And, just a few miles up the road, this prairie looking contrast.


Both rolling terrain and pasture. BTW, these rolling hills used to be mountains! So were the rocky crags you’ll see along I-90.


This is so different from North Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolinas, Kentucky, Virginia and, now that I think about it, most of the states northeast of Georgia!

This photo is taken to the left of the highway (I-90 N/W).


This photo is taken to the right of the highway (I-90 N/W). Interesting contrast in a relatively short space apart. My head was constantly pivoting left to right!


Turn off of I-90 onto the road to Kalispell.


Getting to the good stuff!




Drool! Pasture, lush forest AND glacier capped mountains!


YEAH! That’s what I’m tawkin’ ’bout!


Had to put this one in too…just because!


They sure look naked compared to the glacier capped mountains in Grand Tetons, don’t they? These are north by the whole state of Montana from the Tetons in NW Wyoming.


Flathead Lake is HUGE! It would make our Lake Burton look like a mud puddle! The Flathead River feeds this lake both named for the Flathead Native American  Tribe whose reservation is in this area.


The last two really are from an area immediately before Flathead Lake but I loved the clouds, sky, mountains separated from greenest fields by dark green tree line.


This one just because.


Tomorrow, Glacier National Park!